Science, Technology & Society

Minor Requirements

The minor in Science, Technology and Society consists of 19 hours of STS courses, plus 10 hours of courses in science or technology disciplines.

STS Courses

Minors in Science, Technology and Society must complete 19 hours of STS courses. Of these, minors must complete 7 credit hours of STS Core Courses.  Students must complete ST200 Introduction to Science Studies and ST205 Science and Society Speakers Series (one time only).  Further, minors must complete one of the following: ST310 Social Studies of Science and Technology, ST320 Philosophy of Science, or ST330 Language, Rhetoric and Science.

The remaining 12 hours may be chosen from a list of STS courses in various disciplines. Of these 12 credits, 9 must be at the 300 level or above.  A total of no more than three hours of independent study or internship credit can be used to satisfy this requirement. Additionally, no more than one research methods course may count toward this requirement. These courses vary each semester.

Science/Technology Courses

The 10 hours of science or technology courses are not understood to be part of the STS minor, and as such they may be counted towards other requirements--such as towards a minor or major in a science and technology discipline.

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