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The Cohort

What is a Cohort?

Butler University School Counseling graduate students will go through the graduate program as a cohort. Being part of a cohort means:

  • You will always be identified with the cohort group you start the program with and cohort members will have a special means of identifying one'll see!
  • Everyone in your cohort will begin the program in an orientation session held immediately prior to the beginning of fall semester classes.
  • You can count on the classes you need being offered on the same night, one night a week for three years at 4:30 and 7:15PM. Summer classes meet twice a week for six weeks at either 4PM or 7PM.
  • You will be given preferential treatment when it comes to enrolling in the practica and internships associated with your cohort.
  • You will have monthly group meetings with your cohort during regularly scheduled class times.

Expect Technological Proficiency

Students should have easy access to the Internet as most courses use Moodle to post documents and assignments.


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