Center for Scholarly Engagement

Undergraduate Research Grants

In order to support the research, scholarship, and creative works of our undergraduate students Butler University has established grants that help offset the cost of conducting research and traveling to a conference to present research, scholarship, and creative works.

All grant applications are reviewed by the Program for Undergraduate Grants Committee. The committee is made up of faculty members from all six of Butler's colleges and the Associate Director of the Center for High Achievement and Scholarly Engagement (CHASE) Students should direct questions to either their faculty advisor or the CHASE Director of Undergraduate Research & Prestigious Scholarships.

Forms and guidelines are available in electronic format below. These documents are Microsoft Word fill-in forms. After all signatures have been received, the proposal forms should be submitted to CHASE in JH153 or scanned and emailed to Cathy Holland at

Travel-To-Present at Conference Grant $250 Max.

Travel-to-Present Grant Form -

This grant is designed to support the cost of travel to a conference to present the results of an original work. The Committee will give priority to competitively selected presentations. Further priority extends to supporting papers over poster presentations. A letter of support from the faculty mentor explaining why a non-refereed and/or poster presentation is a worthwhile, professional endeavor for the student and for financial support is required. The Committee will entertain a maximum of five proposals for any one conference with a maximum award of $750.00 per conference.

Students are responsible for obtaining receipts of all expenses for reimbursement.  The expenditure of funds requires adherence to Butler University's Business Office Policies (\\bufiles\general\forms\business forms\business policies) and fiscal regulations.  Regulations include adherence to IRS regulations.

Only one Travel-to-Present grant will be awarded per student during his/her academic tenure at Butler.

The proposal should be submitted on the first of the month, at least one month prior to planned travel.

Thesis Grant $500 max

Thesis Grant Application -

This grant, for students who have an approved thesis proposal, is designed to support miscellaneous costs of conducting research for approved departmental or University Honors thesis programs such as copying of survey forms, small equipment (i.e. paper, pencils, batteries), and office, museum, or library access fees. The Committee may vote to approve funds for travel if it is integral to the thesis project. The grant is not intended to finance copying the completed thesis. Any funds awarded are to be used only on the thesis project.


  • For proposals approved in the spring semester the deadline for grant submission is September 1. **Deadline has been extended to September 12, 2014**
  • For proposals approved in the fall semester the deadline for grant submission is October 30.

Undergraduate Research Committee Members

The Undergraduate Research Committee considers proposals for undergraduate research grants, made available in an effort to support students' interests and accomplishments in conducting research, scholarship and creative work.

Vivian Deno, Associate Professor of History

Hala Fadda, Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Kathie Kelton, Associate Professor of Music

Tara Lineweaver (Chair), Associate Professor of Psychology

Hongjiang Xu, Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems

Catherine Pangan, Assistant Professor of Education

Carrie Richie, Associate Professor of Communications

Philip Villani, Associate Professor of Biological Sciences

Jeremy Johnson, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Rusty Jones, Director, Undergraduate Research & Prestigious Scholarships