Center for Scholarly Engagement

Teaching, at home or abroad

**Requires University nomination

Austrian Teaching Assistantship Program ~ Show Information

  • Offers approximately 140 U.S. teaching assistant positions each year for a one-year, renewable position (October 1-May 31)
  • Teaching Assistants work approximately 13 hours/week in Austrian secondary schools (placement is chosen by the Ministry of Education and is not negotiable
  • Applicants must have a working knowledge of German 
  • Application deadline: mid-January
  • Available to:  U.S. citizens under the age of 29 who hold (or will hold) a BA

Fulbright US Student Program** ~ Show Information

  • Provides grants for individually designed study/research projects or English Teaching Assistantships.
  • Facilitates cultural exchange through direct interaction on an individual basis in the classroom, field, home, and in routine tasks, allowing the grantee to gain an appreciation of others' viewpoints and beliefs, the way they do things, and the way they think
  • Grant lengths and dates vary by country
  • Institutional deadline: September 12, 2014 at noon. Contact Dr. Jones to apply.
  • Application deadline: October 14, 2014.
  • Available to: US citizens who will hold a BA before the start of the grant; current Butler students are required to apply through the University, alumni may apply through the University or as "at-large" candidates

Gates Cambridge Scholarship ~ Show Information

  • Awarded to outstanding applicants from countries outside the United Kingdom to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree in any subject available at the University of Cambridge
  • The program aims to build a global network of future leaders committed to improving the lives of others
  • Application deadline: mid-October
  • Available to: Non-UK citizens seeking a degree at Cambridge

Knowles Science Teaching Foundation: Science and Mathematics Teaching Fellows ~ Show Information

  • KSTF supports passionate, dedicated teachers to thrive in the profession, lead from the classroom and become change agents in education
  • Fellows receive stipends, funding for professional development, grants for teaching materials, and leadership and mentoring opportunities
  • Five-year teaching fellowships are awarded to early-career science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) teachers
  • Application deadline: mid-October
  • Available to: US citizens who have earned or are in the process of earning a degree in a discipline related to teaching a STEM related field at the secondary level.

James Madison Fellowship
US citizens pursuing a qualifying master's degree who are committed to teaching American history, government, or social studies in grades 7-11 ~ Show Information

  • Offers $24,000 to individuals desiring to become outstanding teachers of the American Constitution at the secondary school level
  • Intended to support students working on a Master's Degree in American History or Political Science (Government), or a MAT concentrating in History or Political Science
  • Applicants compete only against other applicants from the states of their legal residence; generally, one Fellowship per state is awarded each year
  • Application deadline: early March
  • Available to: US citizens pursuing a qualifying master's degree who are committed to teaching American history, government, or social studies in grades 7-11

JET Program (teach in Japan)
Japan Exchange and Teaching Program (JET) ~ Show Information

The Japan Exchange and Teaching Program seeks to help enhance internationalization in Japan by promoting mutual understanding between Japan and other nations. The program also aims to improve foreign language education in Japan and to encourage international exchange at the local level by fostering ties between Japanese youth and foreign youth.
The objectives of the program are being achieved by offering JET Program participants, (hereinafter, participants) the opportunity to serve in local government offices as well as public and private elementary schools, junior high and senior high schools.
Application deadline is late November or early December.

Marshall Scholarship** ~ Show Information

  • Finances young Americans of high ability to study for a degree at any university in the United Kingdom for one or two years
  • Up to forty Scholars are selected each year to study at graduate level at an UK institution in any field of study.
  • Minimum 3.7 GPA
  • Institutional deadline: September
  • Application deadline: early October
  • Available to: US citizens who are completing a BA (or have completed a BA within the last 3 years)

George J Mitchell Scholarship** ~ Show Information

  • Provides scholars with tuition, housing, and other expenses for 1 year at any university in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland (usually in a master's degree program, any field)
  • Intended to link future U.S. leaders with the island of Ireland
  • Institutional deadline: mid-September
  • Application deadline: early October
  • Available to: US citizens between the ages of 18 and 30 who hold a BA (or will hold a BA before the start of the scholarship)

North American Language and Culture Assistants in Spain ~ Show Information

  • Places over 2,000 applicants across Spain to support English or French teachers for one year, October 1-May 31 (placements are chosen by the program and are non-negotiable)
  • Teaching Assistants are placed in elementary or secondary schools and receive a stipend and benefits
  • Applicants must be native or bilingual English or French speakers
  • Application deadline: November to March (open)
  • Available to:  U.S. and Canadian citizens; applicants may be college juniors, seniors, or graduates

Phi Kappa Phi ~ Show Information

  • Each year Phi Kappa Phi awards 51 Fellowships of $5,000 and six valued at $15,000 each to members entering their first year of graduate or professional study
  • Each chapter may select one candidate from among its local applicants to compete for Society-wide awards
  • Open to students registering in all professional and graduate fields
  • Institutional deadline: varies
  • Application Deadline: early April
  • Available to: Active Phi Kappa Phi members entering their first year of graduate or professional study

Princeton in Africa ~ Show Information

  • Offers yearlong fellowship opportunities with a variety of organizations that work across the African continent
  • Young alumni and graduating seniors from any accredited college or university in the United States are eligible to apply
  • Application deadline: early November
  • Available to: Young alumni and graduating seniors from any accredited college or university in the United States

Princeton in Asia ~ Show Information

  • Princeton in Asia (PiA) is an independent, non-profit organization located at Princeton University that has long been driven by a mission to foster cross-cultural understanding between East and West by giving young people opportunities to live and work in Asia
  • As employees of a variety of Asian institutions, PiA fellows gain work and life experience while providing valuable services to their Asian hosts
  • The majority of fellows are employed as English teachers at universities, colleges, and high schools, there are also specialized positions in business, international development, journalism, law, and teaching of technical subjects.
  • Application deadline: mid-November
  • Available to: US citizens who will hold a BA by July 1 of the year they are applying

Princeton in Latin America ~ Show Information

  • Their mission is to match recent graduates from Princeton and other top colleges and universities who are interested in year-long service fellowship opportunities with partner organizations that are engaged in socially responsible development projects in the region
  • PiLA fellowships offer formative field experience to those interested in working with community oriented organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean and those who are eager to pursue careers in international development
  • Open to graduating seniors and young alumni of North American universities. PiLA rarely considers applicants more than five years past the bachelors; individuals with graduate degrees and postgraduate work experience are welcome to apply.
  • Application deadline: late November
  • Available to: Graduating seniors and young alumni of North American universities

Rhodes Scholarship** ~ Show Information

  • Provides full financial support for Rhodes Scholars to pursue a degree or degrees at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom (2 years)
  • Scholars are chosen not only for their outstanding scholarly achievements, but for their character, commitment to others and to the common good, and for their potential for leadership in whatever domains their careers may lead
  • All majors welcome
  • Institutional deadline: early September
  • Application deadline: early October
  • Available to: US citizens between the ages of 18 and 24 who will hold a BA before the beginning of the scholarship

Paul and Daisy Soros Fellowship for New Americans ~ Show Information

  • Provides opportunities for continuing generations of able and accomplished New Americans to achieve leadership in their chosen fields
  • Established in recognition of the contributions New Americans have made to American life and in gratitude for the opportunities the United States has afforded the donors and their family.
  • Selected Fellows receive tuition and living expenses that can total up to $90,000 over 2 years
  • Students may study for any degree at any US university
  • Application deadline: November
  • Available to: New Americans (defined as US permanent residents or naturalized citizens if born abroad or the children of naturalized parents) under the age of 31 who are/will be pursuing a graduate degree

Teach in Spain with CIEE
Teach in Spain ~ Show Information

  • Public school teaching in the community of Madrid.
  • Under age 35
  • Upper intermediate to advanced Spanish skills required.
  • BA/BS degree required in any major.
  • 9 month appointment (September-June). Application deadline is mid April. Scholarship applications due by 2/1. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, so applying early is encouraged.
  • Teach in Spain with CIEE website

Teaching Assistant Program in France ~ Show Information

  • Places 1,500 Americans in public schools across France, French Guinea, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Réunion to serve as English Teaching Assistants
  • Applicants may enter placement preferences, but placement in an area of choice is not guaranteed
  • Assistants work approximately 12 hours per week, October-April, in elementary or secondary schools and receive a stipend
  • Application deadline: mid-January
  • Available to:  American citizens and permanent residents who are between 21-30, have completed at least 2 years of college, and who are proficient in French

Truman Scholarship**
This is for current juniors. ~ Show Information

  • Aims to find and recognize college juniors with exceptional leadership potential who are committed to careers in government, the nonprofit or advocacy sectors, education or elsewhere in the public service
  • Provides recipients with over $20,000 for graduate study in the US or abroad
  • Applicants must have a GPA over 3.5, a very strong record of public service, and articulate public policy issues well
  • Institutional deadline: mid-December
  • Application deadline: early February
  • Available to: US citizens with junior-level standing

Woodrow Wilson Fellowship ~ Show Information

  • Provides funding ($30,000) for a master's degree at a partner school in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, or math) teaching field
  • Intended for students pursuing careers in teaching, Foreign Service, or conservation.  Ph.D. dissertation fellowships are also available in several fields
  • The Woodrow Wilson Indiana Teaching Fellowships, funded through Lilly Endowment, offers recent graduates, mid-career professionals and retirees with backgrounds in STEM support to pursue a master's degree with a commitment to teach in an urban or rural school district
  • Application deadline: October or January (varies with program)
  • Available to: US citizens and permanent residents who majored in or have a strong professional background in a STEM field; 3.0 GPA (or higher) preferred