Residence Life

Residential College Features

Hall Features

  • All rooms are air-conditioned
  • ResCo is a smoke-free living environment
  • Microwaves and sinks on each floor
  • Kitchenette w/stove on all 2nd floor wings
  • Dining Hall (breakfast and lunch, M-F)
  • Laundry room (access, A and D wing)
  • Quiet study rooms
  • Computer lab
  • Front desk operations
  • Game room (with a pool table, air hockey table, foosball table and ping pong table)
  • T.V. room (with big screen TV)
  • Conference rooms
  • Piano room

Standard Room Features

  • Bathroom with shower (one bathroom for each suite)
  • Two bathroom sinks (with storage underneath)
  • Full length mirror
  • Built-in Smoke Detectors
  • One computer outlet per room
  • Cable television outlet (cord not provided)
  • One overhead light
  • Fire sprinklers
  • Seven two plug, three-prong electrical outlets
  • One bulletin board
  • One desk with a removable hutch, bed, chair, and five drawer dresser per person
  • Two standard closets with shelves and hanging bars inside
  • Bunkable beds (pins provided). *Lofts are not permitted


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Department of Residence Life

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