Residence Life

Residential College


The Residential College (ResCo) is a coeducational residence hall community of predominantly sophomore students who are immersed in a living-learning environment. ResCo, completed in 1989, offers a wide range of experiences to its 470 students, staff and four fulltime, live-in faculty members. These faculty members, in conjunction with residence life staff, are integral in offering students a full academic experience. While living in ResCo, a student has the opportunity to interact with faculty outside of the classroom in an informal, relaxed atmosphere. Faculty eat in the dining room with students, participate in intramural events with students and host dinners and other varied educational events for students.

The Residential College is dedicated to establishing and maintaining an environment for the best possible learning experience and the belief in carrying intellectual inquiry out of the classrooms and into the rooms, hall, lounges and dining hall. ResCo has as its primary goal the development of its residents in both academic and co-curricular settings. This is achieved by sponsoring events and programs throughout the year at which residents can interact with members of the faculty, other students, administrators and the Indianapolis community. ResCo residents have participated in trips to many cultural and sporting events, planned cookouts, and the Hall Government coordinates the annual ResCo Extravaganza.