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At first, having a place to live on campus may seem a little basic. But if you're like many students, college is a first step into the "bigger world" of living on your own-a world of making decisions, taking responsibility for your future and encountering people and ideas that will be new, challenging and invigorating.

Because that first step often is a pretty big one, you might appreciate a little help making the transition into life at Butler­ and beyond. That´s where Residence Life can help.

Residence Life provides many types of housing options to meet student needs, including an all female hall, coed halls, a suite-style facility and apartment options for continuing students and eligible transfer students.

Live in staff play a huge part in the development and management of our residential communities. In addition, our staff members promote student development through a variety of programs for groups as well as individual interactions. A Resident Assistant (RA) lives on each unit in the residence halls to help students' transition to college and maximize their experience. A fulltime Residence Life Coordinator (RLC) manages each residence hall. One or more faculty members live in each residence hall to facilitate a living learning community. Other live in staff provide leadership and management for the apartment options. In addition to live in Residence Life staff, all of our on campus facilities are serviced by trained University housekeeping and maintenance personnel.

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