Residence Life

Freshman Living Learning Centers

The Freshman Living Learning Center is an option available to students who have paid their enrollment deposit by February 1.  They offer a unique academic/residential environment. Freshman Living Learning Centers (FLLCs) are an exciting approach to combining residential and academic life at the University.  If you paid your enrollment deposit by February 1, this option will automatically be part of your online housing application.  Space is limited, so the sooner you finalize your online application, the better your chances are at getting placed in an FLLC.  There is no additional charge for the FLLC unit.

Integrated Experience

Located in both Ross Hall and Schwitzer Hall, the FLLCs give freshman the opportunity to connect, learn from and socialize with faculty outside of the traditional classroom.  This opportunity is provided primarily by a full-time Butler faculty member who lives in an apartment in the residence hall, a Faculty In Residence (FIR).  The FIR works toward the integration of both the in and out of classroom experience. Students work with each other and the FIR to develop programs that enhance their academic, cultural and social experiences.

Faculty & Location of Centers

These faculty members have been hand-picked for their commitment to both student life and academic achievement. The Schwitzer FLLC units are located near the Faculty In Residence apartment on the first floor.  In Ross, the male FLLC units are located in the basement next to the Ross Faculty In Residence apartment; the female FLLC unit is located on the third floor with the other female units. 


If would like more information, please contact the Department of Residence Life at 1 (800) 368-6852, ext. 9458 or email