Institute for Research & Scholarship

Holcomb Awards Committee Travel-to-Present Paper at Domestic/International Conference

Up to $1,000 per eligible faculty member/per fiscal year (June 1 to May 31 of the following year).

A supplement of up to $500 per eligible faculty/per fiscal year (June 1 to May 31 of the following year) if required for an international conference.

Travel is charged to the fiscal year in which it occurs.

Both Travel-to-Present Grants and International Conference Supplements must be matched by the applicant's college. 

Travel-to-Present Grant Application Form

Program: This program supports faculty travel costs to a national or international meeting to present the results of a research, creative or scholarly project.

The maximum allocation available annually per faculty member is $1000 (apart from supplemental funding for international conferences). The Committee will also fund up to a $500 supplement for international travel. (Domestic travel includes travel within the continental U.S. and travel to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Canada. All other travel is international travel.)

  • Faculty presenting at more than one conference per year must submit a request for funding for each conference.
  • Faculty must submit a request for funding prior to conference travel and a detailed Expense Report form must accompany interdepartmental invoices once the travel is completed. 
  • The grant is intended to supplement college travel funding. The grant amount must be matched by college travel funds.
  • If the applicant's college cannot fully match the requested HAC grant amount, the dean of the applicant's college should indicate this on the HAC application form. Requests for such travel will be granted at the discretion of the HAC.
  • Travel-to-Present funds are meant to fund those presenting papers/posters. Session respondents and panelists will be funded at a rate of 50 percent.  Applications for session chairs or conveners will not be funded.  (HAC understands "convening" to involve proposing and organizing a session, and inviting participants.)
  • In cases of multiple authors, only the principal presenter will be supported.

Proposal Format:

An application must include the following:

  1. The conference to be attended.
  2. Enclose a copy of the acceptance/invitation to present a paper/poster at the conference.
  3. An abstract of the paper/poster to be presented; no more than 250 words. 
  4. A budget summary that lists and totals all requested expenditures and identifies the source of the matching funds.
  5. The proposal must be signed by the applicant, Head of Department or Program Chair, and Dean of the College.

Proposals that do not conform to these guidelines will be returned without evaluation. Use the form that is currently on the website. The HAC will not accept proposals on outdated forms.

Deadline: Applications for Travel-to-Present Grants are accepted on a rolling basis and should be submitted electronically to the BIRS office when acceptance of the proposal to present is received from the conference.

Please submit your request no less than 6 weeks in advance of travel to allow for processing.