Institute for Research & Scholarship

Holcomb Awards - General Policies

  • Proposal Quality - The Committee has an expectation that proposals will be well written and grammatically correct, with few, if any, errors in punctuation, spelling, etc. It is the responsibility of the applicant to explain to the Committee why his/her proposal should be considered a scientific proposal. The applicant must clearly identify the scientific principle(s) in his or her field on which the project is grounded, the specific hypothesis to be tested, and the scientific process involved in the project.
  • Surveys - When a faculty member is proposing survey research, he or she should take care to justify why the project is scientific research. It should be clear how the project is related to principles in that field, what hypothesis(es) is(are) being tested, and how the resulting data will be analyzed. The faculty member should provide a description, or a copy of the survey instrument (e.g., sample items).
  • Grant Extensions - Grants are issued on a year-long basis.  In exceptional circumstances, an extension of the grant period (for annual grants) is permitted. If an awardee requires additional time to complete his/her project, a request for an extension should be submitted no later than one month prior to the end of the grant period. No new grant money will be released until the first project, including the final report, is completed.
  • Computer Purchases - Computer hardware and software will be supported only if they are essential to the unique requirements of the research project.
  • Equipment Purchases - All equipment purchased with a HAC award is the property of Butler University.
  • Professional Association Membership Fees - The HAC will fund conference registration fees but will not fund professional association membership fees.
  • Funding Priority - In the event that two proposals are of equal quality, the HAC will give priority to proposals by tenure-track faculty members over proposals by tenured faculty members.
  • The HAC is committed to assisting faculty members in enhancing the quality of their research to produce significant results that are appropriate for presentation at national and international conferences, and/or for publication in peer-reviewed journals, as well as successfully competing for extramural funding. Applicants who have had three or more successful HAC Faculty Research Grants should submit a description of the outcome of previous grants, including presentations, publications, and attempts to secure extramural funding to support their research