Institute for Research & Scholarship

Holcomb Awards Committee

Internal Grants for the Sciences and Social Sciences (quantitative research methods)

The HAC promotes faculty research in all disciplines and encourages faculty members to engage students in the research process. The Committee will support a broad range of scholarly activities, from discovery to interpretation, including but not limited to activities that:

  • promote research, scholarship, creativity, or innovation
  • promote the discovery, integration, or application of knowledge
  • develop community partnerships or have a significant professional or community service component
  • promote effective teaching or innovative curricular development
  • are of an interdisciplinary nature or involve multiple faculty
  • have a significant impact on the professional development of the faculty members involved, particularly junior faculty
  • involve students in research
  • have as their major purpose the development of subsequent proposals for external funding

The Committee emphasizes that the above list is not a ranking of priorities and is by no means exhaustive. The primary purpose of this research support is to aid in building the faculty's capacity for research, instruction, and service through the enlargement of the university's resource base. 

Who May Submit Proposals

  • Research and Fellowship grants: eligible faculty who are in a tenure-track or tenured position at the time of the grant award.
  • All full-time faculty are eligible for Short Course/Workshop Attendance Grants, Instructional Development Grants, Mini-Grants, and Travel-to-Present Grants as long as they are employed in a full-time status at the time of the grant award.

If you are trying to decide whether your application should be submitted to the BAC or the HAC, please contact either the Chair of BAC or HAC , who can help you decide the most appropriate committee for your proposal.

The HAC Funding History

2009-2013 (fellowships and research grants)

  • Total proposals submitted - 75
  • Total proposals funded - 57
  • Average award - $6,581.32

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