Institute for Research & Scholarship

Congratulations to all 2011-12 internal grant awardees


Faculty Fellowship Grants

Olujide Akinbo, Department of Chemistry
"Development and Validation of a Green Analytical Methods for the Determination of Bisphenols in Canned Foods Using Liquid Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) and QuEChERS Sample preparation Approach"

Roberto Curci, College of Business
"The Internalization Patterns of Firms in Hong Kong and the Pan-Pearl River Delta Region"

Mandy Gingerich, Department of Psychology
"Age-Related Susceptibility to Misleading Information Due to Social Contagion in a Generative Task"

Todd Hopkins, Department of Chemistry
"Using Peptide Chiral Ionic Liquids to Control Chiral Discrimination"

LuAnne McNulty, Department of Chemistry  
"Computational studies of dihydropyrans"


Faculty Research Grants

Dan Barden, Department of English
"Rebellion Dogs, a novel"

Brooke Beloso, Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies Program
"How has the Internet transformed Montreal's Red Light District?"

Margaret Brabant, Department of Political Science
"Practicing a New Global Civics"

Chris Bungard, Department of Classical Studies
"Mastering the Plot: Slaves and Masters in Plautus"

Terri Carney, Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures
"From Revolutions to Bestsellers: Luis Goytisolo and the Role of the Intellectual in Contemporary Spain"

Zhihong Chen, Department of Computer Science
"Essentially k-edge-connected graphs and Hamiltonian Line Graphs"

Krista Cline, Department of Sociology and Criminology
"Cyber-Moms: Do Mothers who Compare Themselves with Other Mothers via the Internet have lower Self-Efficacy?"

Margaretha Geertsema, College of Communication
"Gender and Media in Africa: Edited Book"

Xianming Han, Department of Physics and Astronomy
"Optogalvanic Studies of Argon 1S5-2P2 Transition"

Nathanael Hauck, Department of Biological Sciences
"The effects of pathogen infection and hormone application on subsequent infection and gene expression in moss"

Kristen Hoerl, College of Communication
"The Rage and Regret of the Weather Underground"

Jeremy Johnson, Department of Chemistry
"Determining the substrate specificity of ester hydrolases from Mycobacterium tuberculosis using latent fluorophores"

Suneeta Kercood, College of Education
"Factors that influence the health behaviors of individuals with visual impairments and their families"

Chad Knoderer, College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
"Vancomycin associated acute kidney injury in pediatric population"

Jennifer Kowalski, Department of Biological Sciences
"The Ubiquitin and SUMO Enzyme Pathways are Critical for Neuronal Communication"

Gail Lewis, Jordan College of Fine Arts
"The Art of Teaching Transposition"

Shannon Lieb, Department of Chemistry
"Infrared and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Investigations of Hydrogen-Bonding of DNA Base Pair Prototype Molecules: Theory and Experiment"

Xiaoqing Liu, Department of Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures
"The Fracture of Translation: Lu Yin's "Old Friends by the Sea" (Haibin guren)"

Joel Martin, Department of Psychology
"Jumping to conclusions: Subclinical delusional ideation and self reference"

Brian Murphy, Department of Physics and Astronomy
"Searching Variable Stars in Globular Star Clusters"

Su-Mei Ooi, Department of Political Science
"The Transnational Protection Regime in China: A Preliminary Study"

Robert Padgett, Department of Psychology
"Children's Cross-Gender and Cross-Cultural Explorations using Social Multimedia Interactive Environments"

Ageeth Sluis, Department of History and Anthropology
"Deco Body/Deco City: Spectacle and Modernity in Mexico City, 1915-1939"

Jonathan Sorenson, Department of Computer Science
"Using GPUs to Find Pseudosquares"

Doug Spaniol, Jordan College of Fine Arts
"The Pedagogical Bassoon Works of Julius Weissborn (1837-1888)"

Brynnar Swenson, Department of English
"Autonomia Today: Work, Politics, and Power"

Robin Turner, Department of Political Science
"History Matters: Conquest, Colonization, Dispossession, and Contemporary Nature Tourism in Rural Southern Africa"

Michael Zimmerman, Department of Biological Sciences and Barbara Howes, Science Library
"Academic Branch Libraries: Examining the Aftermath of Closure"


Instructional Development Grants

Brooke Beloso, Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies Program

Su-Mei Ooi, Department of Political Science
"The Politics of China"

Juan Pablo Rodriguez Prieto, Departmentof Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures
"Spanish Second Language Acquisition"

Michael Samide, Department of Chemistry
"Chemistry for Non-Science Majors: An engaging approach to teaching science"

Ania Spyra, Department of English
"Literary Translation/Translation Theory"

Liliana Torres-Goens and Juan Pablo Rodriguez Prieto, Department of Modern Languages,
Literatures and Cultures      
"Grammar in Context"