Institute for Research & Scholarship

Institutional Health and Safety Committee Members

The Institutional Health and Safety (IHSC) reviews laboratory safety practices and training. It also reviews animal care and use protocols to ensure the proper disposal of biohazardous materials.  Committee members serve for  three years.  The expiration date of each member's term is noted in parentheses.

Theresa Bailey (ex officio)

Craig Barnhart (Indefinite)

William Beranek (August 2013) 

Medhane Cumbay (August 2014)

Geoffrey Hoops (August 2016)

Jennifer Kowalski (August 2014)

Jeremy Johnson (August 2015)

Pam Crowell (Chair, August 2015)

Stacy O'Reilly (August 2015)

Jo M.L. Wagoner (August 2016)

Connie Anders (August 2014)

Julie Barrett (August 2014)

Melody Adkins (August 2014)

Randall Roper (August 2013)

Lindsey Birt (Indefinite)




The Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) provides oversight of all Butler University research or instructional activities involving recombinant DNA (rDNA), other biohazards:

Theresa Bailey, ex officio

Medhane Cumbay, Chair

Pam Crowell

Jeremy Johnson

Jennifer Kowalksi

Randall Roper