Institute for Research & Scholarship

Butler Awards Committee Short Course/Workshop Attendance Grant

Up to $750 for an international short course/workshop
Up to $500 for a domestic short course/workshop

Short Course/Workshop Attendance Grant Application Form

Program: The grant provides funds to support members of the faculty in scholarly or artistic activities related to their College work such as pursuit of advanced course work (excluding graduate course work); retraining to develop a new specialty, such as computer programming; to learn a new research skill, such as oral history techniques; or to develop a new pedagogical skill, such as competency-based instruction.  (Domestic travel includes travel within the continental U.S. and travel to Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico and Canada.  All other travel is international travel.)

Your application must consist of a program statement:

  1. A description of the short course/workshop the applicant wishes to attend and how it will contribute to his/her professional development.
  2. A copy of the workshop announcement and program.
  3. The statement should be typed and formatted in the following way: 1.5 line spacing, Times New Roman font (11 or 12pt.), one inch margins all around, and no more than two pages. 
  4. A budget summary that lists  and totals all requested expenditures. Requests over the domestic/international maximum must include a written justification.
  5. The proposal should be signed by the applicant, Head of Department or Program, and Dean of the College.
  6. Proposals that do not conform to these guidelines will be returned without evaluation.  Use the form that is currently on the website. The BAC will not accept proposals on outdated forms.

Deadline: Proposals are due on the first of each month, one month prior to the date of the short course.

Report: A report describing the knowledge or skills gained by attending the short course is due in the Institute for Research and Scholarship office no more than 60 days following the end of the course. It is also recommended that, when appropriate, the faculty member should share the knowledge gained with his or her colleagues by giving a seminar or colloquium.