Institute for Research & Scholarship

Butler Awards Committee Mini-Grants

Up to $500

BAC Mini-Grant Application Form

Program: This program supports special needs for projects that are not part of a larger project or supported by other funding. Examples of purchases that would be acceptable through this funding opportunity:

• field work travel and operational costs, purchase of minor equipment not supported by the departmental equipment budget, purchase of academic books, costs of materials, supplies, the cost of transporting students,  translation of written materials into other languages,and one time purchases of materials or non-technology equipment (specialized clothing or protective equipment, art supplies, school supplies, etc.).

Your application must consist of a program statement:

  1. The nature of the research and the need for support,
  2. The objectives, significance, how the work will be conducted, and a time schedule for completion.
  3. The statement should be typed and formatted in the following way: 1.5 line spacing, Times New Roman font (11 or 12pt.), one inch margins all around, and no more than two pages.
  4. A detailed budget.
  5. The proposal should be signed by the applicant, Head of Department or Program, and Dean of the College.
  6. Proposals that do not conform to these guidelines will be returned without evaluation. Use the form that is currently on the website. The BAC will not accept proposals on outdated forms.

Deadline: Proposals are due on the first of each month.

Report: A brief report describing the outcome of the research conducted using these funds is due in the Institute for Research and Scholarship office no more than 60 days following the end of the grant period. Failure to submit this report may jeopardize future BAC funding.