Institute for Research & Scholarship

BAC Research Proposal Evaluation Guidelines

When evaluating Faculty Research Grant proposals, members of the BAC will base their judgments on an evaluation of how well the applicant addresses the questions listed below.


  • Does the proposal clearly describe the relationship of the proposed work to existing knowledge/scholarship in the field(s)? Does the proposal convey the importance of the work to the scholar, explaining how it is part of an on-going stream of work or a new initiative/direction?


  • Is there a clear statement of goals and objectives of the project? Is the proposal written in a way that is understandable to reviewers/scholars from an array of other disciplines?


  • Is there a clear description of how the applicant will do the project? Does the proposal convey how the methodology/approach is appropriate to the project? Is there a clear description of how the results of the work will be reported and presented?


  • Are the budget items justified and explained? If travel, student employment, books, equipment and other materials are required, does the author offer sufficient explanation?

CV (short version)

  • Do the items selected for the 2 page CV highlight the applicant's ability to execute the project?

Outcomes of previous BAC grants

  • If the applicant received previous BAC support, does the current proposal describe the outcomes (conferences, published papers, performances, etc.) of that support? If the applicant has received two or more successful BAC Faculty Research Grants, evidence of attempts to secure extramural funding to support their research has been submitted.