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Departmental advanced placement

A Butler student who has been unable to take advantage of either the College Board advanced placement program (AP) or the college level examination program (CLEP) may be placed in advanced courses in any subject if the department head or senior faculty member in the subject area is satisfied that the student can perform the work of the advanced course adequately. If the student is granted advanced placement and seeks credit for the course or courses bypassed, the student should consult the appropriate dean. Credit may be awarded on the recommendation of the dean and the department head, provided the student has earned a grade of at least C- in the advanced course. No advanced placement credit is awarded for courses that a normal high school preparation should enable the student to bypass, such as first-year language or college algebra and trigonometry.

Students with a strong background in foreign language study at the secondary level (normally three or four years of a single foreign language) may be eligible for as much as nine hours of advanced placement credit upon completion of two foreign language courses (six hours) at Butler. The courses must be numbered at the 300 level or above, and the student must earn a grade of C or better in both of them to be eligible for advanced placement credit. Placement in 300-level courses is by examination administered by the Modern Languages, Literature and Cultures Department during the orientation period at the beginning of each semester. For more information about departmental advanced placement in foreign languages, contact the head of the Modern Languages, Literature and Cultures Department.

Students who speak and write a foreign language with the proficiency of a native may apply for a proficiency examination in French, Russian or Spanish. If the application is approved by the dean of the college in which the student is enrolled and by the head of the department of Modern Languages, Literature and Cultures, and if the results of the examination are deemed satisfactory, the student may receive a maximum of 11 hours of credit in the language (the nine hours of advanced placement credit described above and two hours of upper-division credit for knowledge of the literature of the language).

Students who do not qualify for advanced placement with credit may receive placement in the advanced courses in any department without receiving credit for the prerequisite courses if the department head is satisfied that the student can perform adequately the work of the advanced course.

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