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Local Address Requirement

It is necessary that the University have a means to contact each student in case of an emergency or University business.

We are implementing a procedure that requires students to provide local contact information and phone on a yearly basis. This information can be accessed by your advisor and your instructors and may be used by them to contact you. You can mark the phone you wish to be used as your primary contact as you update the system.

Each Fall, students who are attending classes in the Indianapolis area and do not live in University housing must complete these two steps:

  1. Make sure you have a local address on file in, even if it is the same as your home address. (MyButler Student Help)
  2. "Verify Local Address" - This is a special process in (MyButler Student Help)

R & R sends an email reminder to students who still need to complete these two steps. If they are not complete by the time Advising starts for the next semester, those students will receive a "hold" that inhibits only registration. This hold is automatically removed when you go through the "Verify Local Address" process.


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