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Butler uses a system of academic and financial "Holds" to insure that tasks are handled in an appropriate order. Registration and Records cannot remove any holds.

A Hold, or Service Indicator, can be placed on your records by several different offices on campus. It may be only informational, or it may prevent you from participating in certain activities or receiving certain services. To find out more about your Holds, log onto, click on Self Service, and then select Student Center. On the right, near the top, is a box titled "Holds". It may contain "No Holds", or a list of the holds that are currently active for you. Click on View "hold" impacts to see what services are affected by each type of hold. Or click on Details to see who you should contact to remove the hold. For some holds, the Details tell you how you can remove the hold yourself.

Some commonly used "Holds" are:
Advising Hold: For most students, an "Advising Hold" will be placed on your records about 3 weeks before the beginning of Registration for a new semester. Once you discuss your academic options with your advisor, he or she will remove the hold. If you still have an Advising Hold and you have already talked with your advisor, you must talk to your advisor or the department head for your major.

Verify Local Address Hold: Students who do not live on campus must provide a local address. Once a year, they are required to review that address and confirm that it is still correct. Learn more: Local Address Requirement.

Financial Responsibility Hold: Before you can register, you must read a paragraph that describes the financial responsibility that you incur when you enroll in a class. Learn more: Student Accounts.


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