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Registration Overview

About four weeks before registration begins for a new semester, continuing students should check their registration appointment time posted on For help getting started, please visit: MyButler Student Help.

Registration Steps

  • Plan - You have access at any time to look at your current transcript and advising audit through For details on signing into the Student Center, please visit: MyButler Portal Introduction. Review your core requirements and the course requirements for your major.
  • Prepare - Check to see if you have any holds by logging into and going to the Student Center. Holds are shown in the upper right of the page. You can take care of many holds right in
  • Get Advice - Set up an appointment with your advisor and discuss your schedule for the next semester. Your advisor will clear your Advising Hold.
  • Try Options - As you plan the classes you would like to take, you can use the Shopping Cart function in to build a possible schedule and check for prerequisites, conflicts, and open classes. For more information, please visit:  Shopping Cart Instructions. Your shopping cart does not actually reserve a seat for you in the class.
  • Register - You will be able to register for classes using when your registration appointment opens. For more information on using MyButler to complete registration, please visit: MyButler Student Help. To register from the Shopping cart, select each course you want and click "Enroll". Or skip the Shopping Cart by using the "Add a class" option from your Student Center.


Registration appointments are set according to the number of credit hours you have completed, and begin after advising for the semester is complete. We recognize that this may be a new process for you; help will be available to you. Check the Student Help instructions available from the My.Butler home page. For questions about your classes, call Registration and Records at 940-9203 during business hours. For technical problems such as passwords and browser requirements, call the Help Desk at 4357; hours of the help desk will be posted on

Repeat Policy

A student, with the approval of his or her advisor, may repeat a course one time that is not otherwise repeatable for credit. Upon completion of the subsequent attempt, only the second attempt will count in his or her grade point average. When repeating a course, a student may not withdraw from the course or change the course credit registration to non-credit unless the student withdraws from the University. This policy shall apply only to courses taken at Butler. You need the approval of your advisor and the dean of the college offering the course to override this limit. The same policy applies to graduate students.  

Applied Music Classes

All registrations in Applied Music must have the approval of the dean of the Jordan College of Fine Arts. If your schedule includes an arranged course, you may secure a Permission Number from the department head or dean. You will use this Permission Number to register for Applied Music Courses.

New student procedures for early registration

Freshmen will be assigned an advising/registration appointment by the Learning Resource Center. Transfer students will be assigned an advising/registration time by their college of enrollment. Graduate students may register during any published registration period; they will receive a final schedule with their billing statement. Non-degree students may register following the last group of freshmen.

Summer Guest Registration

People who are not Butler students but wish to take summer undergraduate classes may register as a Guest. For more information, please visit: Summer Guest Registration.

Insufficient enrollment

Whenever the enrollment in a course is deemed insufficient, the university reserves the right to withdraw that course. When small classes are continued, full payment of fees is required at the time of registration. In such cases no refund will be permitted.

Returning Students

If you are a former Butler student in good standing and wish to return to the same program you were in before, you do not have to apply for admission again. For more information, please visit: Returning Students.

Consortium registration

Butler University is a member of a consortium of area colleges and universities. The purpose of the consortium is to offer a wider range of courses to students. For more information, please visit: Consortium Registration.

Audit for Enrichment

The Audit for Enrichment program is designed for adults who have achieved at least a high school diploma to participate in some courses. University credit is not earned. For more information, please visit: Audit for Enrichment.


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