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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is R&R? (Answer)

What is R&R?

R&R is an abbreviation commonly used for Registration and Records, the office that is managed by the University's Registrar. If you have any questions that are not addressed by this web site, or if you find elements of this web site which are not functioning, please contact us.

  • Visit us at Jordan Hall, Room 133
  • Email:
  • Phone: (317)940-9203 or (800) 368-6852 ext. 9203

What is a Permission number? (Answer)

What is a permission number?

A permission number is a special key that allows you to bypass a problem that is blocking your enrollment in a particular course. You may need a permission number if:

  • enrollment in a class is by permission only,
  • you have not satisfied a prerequisite, or
  • the class has already reached its enrollment limit.

Permission without a number: Many units are now assigning permission for you to enroll on My.Butler. When this happens, you do not need to enter the special number; just enroll in the class as you would any other, and the system will recognize you have been given permission.

How to get a permission number.

Once you are issued a permission number, you can enter it in Add a Class. Select the specific section, and enter the permission number before you click NEXT. Permission numbers are different for each class and for each semester, and may be specifically assigned to a student. If your permission number is rejected, return to the issuer and see if the correct course and semester were used. If the issuer cannot resolve the problem, call Registration and Records at 940-9203.

What is a requisite? (Answer)

What is a requisite?

When a department creates a new class, they frequently specify the qualifications a student must have to participate effectively in the class. A prerequisite is a qualification that the student must have before s/he enrolls. Examples include another course which prepares you for this subject material, a major that you must be in to take the course, or a primary instrument for which you must have demonstrated a proficiency. A corequisite is a course that must be taken in the same semester with this course. All requisites are documented in the Butler Bulletin. You can see class requisites in Course Search by clicking on the title of the class. You can also see them in, in Class Search/Browse Catalog by finding the class and then clicking on the title of the course.

To register for a course which has a corequisite, you must register for both at the same time. Select the sections for all the corequisite courses before you go to Step 2 of the enrollment process.

If you are currently enrolled in a class which serves as a prerequisite for a class you want to take in the future, that's no problem. The system allows the prerequisite unless a failing grade has been posted.

Why didn't I get an Early Term Grade Report? (Answer)

Why don't I have any Early Term Grades?

Early term grades are available to view on through your Student Center about the 6th week of classes to first and second year undergraduate students. Juniors, Seniors, and graduate students do not receive Early Term Grades.

What is the difference between dropping a class and withdrawing from a class? (Answer)

What is the difference between dropping a class and withdrawing from a class?

Before the semester starts, and during the first 10 days of classes, you may drop a class, and it will not show on your transcript. Continuing students can drop a class themselves on, with no paperwork or approvals until 11:59 pm on the last drop date. First year students, during their first semester on campus, along with non-degree seeking students, must meet with their advisor who will help them drop a class. After the 10th day of classes, you may still withdraw from a class. The class will still show on your transcript, with a grade of W. You will not get any credit for this class, and it will not be counted in your GPA. To withdraw from a class, start with your advisor; you will need a Drop/Add/Withdraw form, signed by your advisor and the instructor of that class. Once you have obtained the approvals, take the form to Jordan Hall 133. Copies will be returned to you and your department once the class has been dropped.

What is Pass/Fail? (Answer)

What is Pass/Fail?

Pass/fail means the grade for the class will be either Pass or Fail, not the standard A/B/C/D/F grading scheme. The grading system is fully described in the Butler Bulletin, section Academic Regulations and Definitions, starting on page 59. Some classes are designated as always getting a Pass/Fail grade. There are limits on what courses can be taken Pass/Fail. See your advisor.

Why can't I drop a course? (Answer)

Why can't I drop a course?

If you can log into, there are two reasons why you may not be able to drop a course:

  • a. If you are a new Freshman, you must work through your advisor for your first semester. You may do your own drop/add for your second semester.
  • b. Drop is available through the first 10 days of classes in Fall or Spring, and cuts off at 11:59PM on the 10th day. For Summer sessions, Drop is available only until 5PM on the Friday before the summer term starts.

How can I get an unofficial transcript? (Answer)

How can I get an unofficial transcript?

Current students can view their own unofficial transcript on Just log in, then go to Self Service--> Academic Records --> View Unofficial Transcript and click on Go. Read more about requesting an unofficial transcript.

How can I change a class to P/F? (Answer)

How can I change a class to P/F?

While drop/add is still open, you may submit a written request to Registration and Records, JH133. Please indicate the semester and the class, state that you want to change to P/F, (or change P/F back to a standard grade) and sign the request. Once the drop/add period is over, you may still change for about 4 weeks (please check the Academic Calendar for the specific deadline) with the approval of your advisor and the instructor. See your advisor for the appropriate form.

If I have been out of school for a while, do I have to reapply to come back? (Answer)

If I have been out of school for a while, do I have to reapply to come back?

If you were a student in good standing when you left, you may return to the same degree program by submitting a Returning Student Application.

Do I have to apply for graduation even if I'm not going to attend the ceremony? (Answer)

Do I have to apply for graduation even if I'm not going to attend the ceremony?

Yes. We have a lot to do to verify that you are ready to graduate, and to order an appropriate diploma. Read More

Why do I have a "Hold"? (Answer)

Why do I have a "Hold"?

There are many types of Holds, also called Service Indicators. They indicate that there is something that you must do in order to take advantage of certain services. The most common Hold is an advising hold; once you review your degree progress with your advisor, they should remove the hold, and this allows you to participate in self-service registration. For most other Holds, you must contact the person who placed the hold to determine how to clear it. You can see who placed the hold on, on the top right of the Self Service Student Center page. More.

To keep my medical or driver's insurance coverage, my parents' insurance company needs a letter saying I am still a student. How do I get that? (Answer)

To keep my medical or driver's insurance coverage, my parents' insurance company needs a letter saying I am still a student. How do I get that?

You can get an enrollment verification several ways. You can enter the request on and it will be sent out within a week. You can also call R&R at 317-940-9203, or come in to our service counter at JH133. Please have your identification, and the address or fax number where the verification should be sent. Click here for Help instructions on how to enter the My.Butler request.

What is an Enrollment Appointment? (Answer)

What is an Enrollment Appointment?

Your enrollment appointment is the date and time after which you may enroll in classes for a new semester using Self Service functions in Appointments are necessary to limit the load on the computer network and ensure that you will get good response as you go through the process. Appointments are distributed throughout the 2 week registration period. Appointments are generally set during the day and early evening so that you can call for help if you have problems. Appointments are assigned by student classification (Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, Freshmen) and then by descending credit hours earned. You may register for a class any time after your appointment, through the end of the drop/add period at the beginning of the term. You can find your enrollment appointment by logging onto My and going to Self Service, then Student Center. Your appointment time is on the right.

You should talk with your advisor before your enrollment appointment. Your advisor's name and phone number are listed just under the enrollment appointment on My.Butler. Call to make an appointment.