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Registration and Records Notes for Faculty and Staff

Final Grades Due for Fall 2014

  • Final Grades for Seniors must be entered by 10:00am on Thursday, December 18
  • Final Grades for all other students must be entered by 10:00am on Tuesday, December, 23 

Final grade rosters are now available via My.Butler. Grading instructions can be found at the My.Butler Help Blog at If you have questions about entering final grades, please visit Registration & Records office in JH 133 or call 940-9203.

Instructors Teaching December Graduates: Butler University's Winter Commencement ceremony will take place on Sunday, December 21st. At that time, Butler will award diplomas to students who have completed their coursework or who have a passing grade in all of their Fall 2014 courses. If you have December graduates in your courses, you will receive printed class rosters from Registration & Records to help you identify those who will need a grade prior to Winter Commencement. Please enter final grades or estimated final grades for December graduates via My.Butler (not via the printed class roster) by 10:00am on Thursday, December 18th. Grades for December graduates will then be posted to allow Registration & Records time to process degree completion. If a graduating student's estimated final grade changes once all grading has been completed, you may submit a Grade Change Form to Registration & Records.

Instructors teaching Indianapolis Community Requirement/Service Learning Courses: Courses that are graded will be designated with a Requirement Designation tab directly above the student's name on the grade roster. Click on the tab, enter a grade and indicate whether the ICR/SL requirement was Satisfied or Not Satisfied. You may add the same Requirement Designation for all students from the "Select All" option at the bottom of the roster. 

Issues with Advising or Student Registration?

Click here for access to training documents and pertinent links to My.Butler Help.

NEW online workflow process in for adding after the 5th day of classes. 

How does it work?

  1. Student will attempt to add a class as they always would through My.Butler. Student receives a message asking if they want to send an approval request to the class instructor, their advisor, and their college dean. Student clicks "OK". 
  2. Student checks the "Request Approval" checkbox.
  3. Student provides an explanation of why they need to add the class after the deadline, and then clicks "Submit". 

The request is electronically routed to the individuals who need to approve the request.  Student will NOT be enrolled in the class until final approval is received from the college dean.  Student will receive "status update" emails as the request moves through the approval process and will receive a final email when the request is either approved or denied. 

View Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for faculty regarding the new online workflow process.


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