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Confused about Core classes?

Course Search has a new facility to help you. When browsing the Core Curriculum, designate whether you started at Butler on or after fall 2010, or before then, and Course Search will give you an appropriate list of class options. Your Academic Requirements Report, available through Student Center, also contains course recommendations suitable to the requirements which apply to you.

Is an online or hybrid class for me?  

Find out if you're ready.

To locate classes that are taught online (ONLINE) or partially online (HYBRID): 

 While on the "Browse" tab,

  1. Select "Online/Hybrid Learning" in the "College or Program" drop-down menu.
  2. Select from the "Department" drop-down menu.  Only those departments offering online/hybrid classes will be available to be selected. 
  3. Select the appropriate "term" & click Browse. 

The course search is not intended to confer contractual rights on any individual. The University has the right to modify class schedules, course numbers and titles, times and instructor/faculty designations.

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