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Can't find a class that you expect should be in the schedule? Several classes have taken on a new identity as part of the new Core Curriculum. Here are some examples:

CLA 211 is now TI 201-CL Greek Perspectives
CLA 222 is now TI 200-CL Roman Perspectives
CLA 255 is now PCA 262-CL Greek Art and Myth

EN 245 is equivalent to TI210-EN American Literature 1
EN 246 is equivalent to TI211-EN American Literature 2
EN 265 is equivalent to TI212-EN English Literature 1
EN 266 is equivalent to TI213-EN English Literature 2

JR107 is now SW 230-JR New Media and Public Communication.

PL 201 has been replaced by TI243-PL Knowledge and reality
PL 203 is now TI 244-PL  Ethics, the Good Life, and Society
PL 245 is now TI 241-PL  Classics of Social and Political Thought

PS 101 is now SW 250-PS  Psychological Inquiry

RL 101 is now TI 250-RL  Religions of the World
RL 202 is now TI 251-RL  The Bible

SO 101 is now SW 200-SO  Understanding Society

For most of these equivalents, you cannot get credit for both classes, and the new course ID will satisfy prerequisites or degree requirements that specify the old class.

If you can't find a class where you expect it, call the department that teaches the class.


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