Public Safety

Card Access - What it is

The Card Access Control System at Butler University allows Students, Faculty, Staff, Visitors, Contractors, and Vendors to enter designated doors with an access card. You may use other doors to exit the building, but you may enter designated card access areas only by using your access card.

Card Access enabled entry doors are equipped with a time-delay device, which allows you to enter or leave a building without an alarm sounding. However, if an exterior door is held open more than 15 seconds or propped open, an alarm is activated and BUPD receives an alert at their headquarters.

It's important for all residents of a building to be considerate and cooperative and make sure that doors are keep closed for the safety and security of all the residents.

When buildings are locked, access is restricted to authorized cardholders. Access privileges vary by cardholder, in terms of the day of the week, time of day, and areas that can be accessed. They are updated on a regular basis, usually at the start and end of each academic semester, to accommodate building occupancy changes throughout the academic calendar.

Proximity cards provide reliable and convenient access. Proximity technology allows fast, accurate reading while offering card read distances from 4 to 6 inches of a card reader. Your new Butler ID card is a Proximity card that contains an antenna coil and integrated electronic chip, which sends a signal to the card reader and then based on your security access level, will unlock the door for you.