Public Safety

Shelter In Place

Shelter in place (or place of refuge) refers to a designated area of safety when it is not safe to go outside, such as an interior room with no or few windows, and taking refuge in that location. If you are told to shelter in place, follow the instructions provided. Different situations require different locations.

 You may be required to shelter in place for events such as an active shooter, tornado warning, hazardous material incident, or when directed by police personnel.

 You must immediately seek shelter in the nearest facility or building (preferably in a room with no windows):

  1. When directed by the University Police Department or the Indianapolis Fire Department
  2. When directed by the Butler University emergency warning notification system

Try and obtain additional clarifying information by all possible means (Butler University's main web page, TV, radio, email, etc.)

  1. It would be useful to have a cell phone, hard-wired telephone, or computer system in the shelter location to assist in obtaining additional information as well as being able to report any life-threatening conditions.