Public Safety

If There Is a Fire

If you see a fire, or smell smoke, pull the nearest building alarm and make sure the University Police Department has been notified by calling 911 from a campus phone, or (317) 940-9999 from a cell phone.

  • Evacuate the building immediately. See evacuation procedures below.
  • Assist those with mobility issues on your way out.

 Prepare and Prevention 

Familiarize yourself with the emergency and evacuation procedures as well as locations of exits, stairwells, and doors.

Fire Drills

The University Police Department conducts both announced and unannounced fire drills throughout all campus buildings. These drills are monitored by members of the Department of Public Safety and recorded. Any system or operability issues are forwarded on to the Butler University's Facility Division.

Annual fire drills are conducted throughout campus. All drills are monitored and evaluated by a member of the Department of Public Safety. Drills is listed below.