College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department of Psychology

Merit Awards

Psychology majors are also eligible for several merit awards. These awards are given annually, based on a vote of the Psychology Faculty. In the past, we have given the following awards:

The Sally Bell Beck Award: Given to the senior who best exemplifies dedication to a career as a professional psychologist.

The Montgomery Fellowship for Exceptional Contributions to Psychology: Given to the senior who has best embodied the spirit of service through contributions to the department. The awardee typically has worked for the department, served as a tutor, been active in student organizations and conducted research with a faculty supervisor.

The Edgar Lee Yeager Memorial Award: Dedicated to the memory of Professor Yeager, a faculty member in the department between 1959 and 1975. This award is given to the student whose behavior exemplifies high moral values, demonstrates an appreciation of his/her responsibility to others, and continues the tradition of academic and scholarly excellence that Professor Yeager represented.

The Christy Excellence in Psychology Scholarship:  This award is given to a junior or senior psychology major from Indiana.  The scholarship recognizes a student who demonstrates outstanding achievement in psychology courses and who expands his or her learning through involvement in research and/or internships.

The Stuart Research Fellowship: This is a travel grant awarded to a student with junior standing. Students must apply for this fellowship by submitting a research proposal. The award supports the presentations of the student's research results at a national or regional professional conference, typically during the student's senior year.

The Burrton Woodruff Award: Recognizes a psychology major who by action or personal example promotes multiculturalism at Butler University.

The Burrton Woodruff Undergraduate Research Award: Given annually to rising juniors and/or seniors in the Department of Psychology who are engaged in research projects demonstrating excellence in methodology, research design, or statistical analysis. Preference will be given to students with approved honors thesis projects, but the research of other strong psychology students may also be supported from these funds.