College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department of Psychology

Past Honors Theses 2006-2008

Name Grad date Title
Whitney Brockus 2008 The Evaluation of Men in Cross-Gender Majors
Laura Cobb 2008 Does Stereotype Threat Affect Intelligence Test Performance in Students with ADHD?
Delphia Flenar 2008 Examining the Effects of Self-Affirmation on Evaluations of Heterosexism
Adam Hilliard 2008 Everybody Hurts, Sometimes: Memories of Physical Trauma
Jasmine Khosravi 2008 Autobiographical Memories for Social Evens: Effects of Emotional Valence
Kara Shaneyfelt 2008 Flashbulb Memory: Private Memories for Car Accidents
Jenna Thomas 2008 Emotional Contagion and Gender Differences in Memory for First Kisses
Brett Agypt 2007 Memories of Parental Divorce Announcements
Susanne Biehle 2007 Social Judgments of the Grief Reactions of Men versus Women: Does Gender of the Griever Impact How Expressions of Grief Are Perceived?
Adam Congleton 2007 Overcoming Test Anxiety: Implanted Memories of Success
Ashley Gretencord 2007 Children's Stereotypes about the Elderly: What Do Children Believe and How Do These Beliefs Develop?
Paul Hutman 2007 Elderspeak: Speech Accommodations to the Elderly
Megan Julian 2007 Measures of Flashbulb Memory: Are Extensive Memories Consistently Accurate?
Megan Mull 2007 Effect of Mood Induction and Language on Memory for Emotional Content in Bilinguals
Jade Presnell 2007 Interpreting Ambiguous Behavior: Impact of Mentally Ill and Racial Stereotypes
Andrew Butler 2006 Memory for Emotional Versus Neutral Images Over Time: Time to Recall Reveals Emotional Modulation of Memory with Evolutionary Implications
Jeffrey Conway 2006 Investigating the Relationship Between Seasonal Affective Disorder and Academic Performance Longitudinally.
Megan France 2006 Social Relations of Three Captive Southern White Rhinoceroses: Two Females Approaching Reproductive Maturity and a Male Peer
Marchion Hinton 2006 Romance Remembered: Consistency based on Arousal
Lacy Lesmiester 2006 Are Grad School Acceptances and Rejections Equally Memorable?
Mary Margaret Montgomery 2006 The Effects of Depressive Symptomology on Confirmation Bias
Taylor Moore 2006 How Students' Feedback to Their Peers is Affected by Race and Self-Affirmation