College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department of Psychology

Past Honors Theses 2003-2005

Name Grad date Title
Stephanie Barga 2005 The Effects of Time Zone and Distance on Flash Bulb Memory
Genny Davis 2005 Need for Cognition and Jumping to Conclusions
Drew Heckman 2005 Adult-Child-Adult Speech Sequences in Spanish-speaking Mothers
Alison Kozlowski 2005 The Influence of Style of Dress and Nature of Relationship on Female Perceptions of Another Female
Jennifer Money 2005 The effect of Course Exam Grade on Memory and Academic Self-Efficacy.
Amanda Kras 2004 Best Friends vs. Celebrities: How Interloper Salience Affects Relationship Members
Rachel Barnett 2004 The Social and Sexual Behaviors of Three Southern White Rhinoceroses (Ceratotherium simum simum) at the Indianapolis Zoo
Melissa Blitsch 2003 Caregiver Influence on Children's Anxiety: Do Parents Help or Hurt?
Stephenie Chaudoir 2003 The Unobtainable Ideal: Examining the Impact of Thin-ideal Media Images on Self-objectification, Negative Affect, and Math Performance.
Kiara Flanders 2003 The Role of Facial Feedback on the Perceived Intensity of Categorical Emotions
Jared Linck 2003 Negative Evidence in Spanish: The Effects of Adult Corrections on the Grammaticality of Children's Speech
Jennifer Skelding 2003 The Effects of Facial Expression on Face Recognition
Sarah Teague 2003 The Effects of Short-term Reduction of Social Internet Use on Self-esteem and Loneliness in College Students