College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department of Psychology

Butler Summer Institute

Michaela Warnsley BSI

Michaela Warnsley, Class of 2008,
participated in the 2007 Butler Summer Institute

The Butler Summer Institute has been developed to provide an opportunity, and privilege, for "the best and brightest" of Butler's students to engage in learning that is creative, experiential, and investigation oriented by collaborating with Butler faculty.

The benefits of being a Butler Scholar:

  • Meet, interact and support other students equally interested in research or other creative endeavor.
  • Establish close professional relationships with members of the faculty.
  • Work on a project that may lead to a publication in a peer-reviewed journal, a presentation at a scholarly conference, or a public performance.
  • Contribute to the Institute's mission and tradition.
  • Explore your commitment to original research or creative activity.
  • Engage in learning that makes critical connections between the classroom, lab, different courses of study and the undergraduate and educational community.

The following psychology majors are recipients of the Butler Summer Institute Award:


Kaylin Beckwith
Mentor:  Dr. Tara Lineweaver
The Power of Individual Art Versus Collaborative Art to Improve Mood in Grieving Children

Renato Puga
Dr. Neil Bohannon
The Effects of Tylenol on Non-Social Emotional Memory Effects


Karina Hamamouche
Mentor:  Dr. Neil Bohannon
Memories for Traumatic Childhood injuries

Aimee Wilkinson
Mentor:  Dr. Mandy Gingerich
Using Students' Judgments of Learning to Predict and Improve Test Performance


Dominick Atkinson
Mentor: Dr. Neil Bohannon
The Effect of Emotion on Group Recall 

Claire Brownson
Mentor: Dr. Brian Giesler
Self-Regulation:  An "Active Ingredient" in the Spirituality-Health Relationship 

Jasmen Rice
Mentor: Dr. Neil Bohannon
Flashbulb Memories of the Resignation of Butler University's President 


Nicole Ehlert
Mentor: Dr. Ali O'Malley
Emotional Intelligence:  Examining an Effect on Marriage Outcomes 

Laura Fels
Mentor:  Dr. Neil Bohannon
Affect and Consequentiality Effects on Remembering Important Childhood Events 

Alissa Fritz
Mentor: Dr. Neil Bohannon
Context Dependent Memory with Nonsense Words 


Sarah Gillot
Mentor: Dr. Neil Bohannon
Sweet Smooches:  The Effects of Glucose on Retrieval of Romantic Kiss Memories 

Samantha Meints
Mentor:  Dr. Tara Lineweaver
The Effects of Emotions on the Memory of Autistic Children 

Walter Stamp
Mentor: Dr. Tara Lineweaver
An Investigation of Language Impairment in Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinson's Disease and Huntington's Disease 

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