College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department of Psychology

Psychology Minor 2014-2015

Psychology Department Faculty

Administrative Specialist:  Carol Montgomery
:  Bohannon, Dale, Morris, Padgett
Associate Professors:  Giesler, Gingerich, Lineweaver, Martin
Assistant Professors:  O'Malley
Visiting Assistant Professor:  Butler

The Goals of the Minor

The minor in Psychology is designed to:

  1. provide each student with a sampling of representative fields within psychology,
  2. provide each student with a basic introduction to the research methods employed in the field.
  3. allow enough flexibility for each student to pursue a particular sub-area of interest.

The Structure of the Minor (Total credit hours required = 21 hours; 23 if NW220 is taken)

Content Core (12 credit hours; 14 credit hours if NW220 is taken)
Take ONE of
PS101 Introduction to Psychology/SW250 Psychological Inquiry/NW220 Behavioral Science, (3 or 5 credit hours)

and any THREE of the following courses:

  • PS202 Learning (3 credit hours)
  • PS235 Biological Bases of Behavior (3 credit hours)
  • PS320 Life Span Developmental Psychology (3 credit hours)
  • PS350 Social Psychology (3 credit hours)
  • PS385 Cognitive Processes (3 credit hours)
  • PS440 Psychology of Personality (3 credit hours)

Methodological Core (6 credit hours)

PS210 Research Methods/Statistics I (3 credit hours)
PS211 Research Methods/Statistics II (3 credit hours)

Advanced/Specialized Course (3 credit hours)

Any ONE PS300-400 level course (3 credit hours).  PS320, PS350, PS385 or PS440 may be used to satisfy the "advanced/specialized course" requirement if the course has not been used to satisfy the "content core" requirement (above).