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Graduate Profiles

Alison O'Malley

Alison O'Malley, Class of 2004
Graduate Student in Industrial / Organizational Psychology
The University of Akron (a Top 10 school in the country for I/O psychology)

"My psychology education was top notch. I developed such a strong foundation at Butler that I felt comfortable jumping into teaching an Intro to Psych course my first year of grad school. The faculty is knowledgeable and truly dedicated to effective teaching. They were instrumental in guiding me through the graduate school application and decision process. I look forward to having an opportunity to come back and visit the department!"

Brian Anderson

Brian Anderson, Class of 2003
1st Year Graduate student at Seattle University in the Master's for Student Development Administration
Graduate Coordinator for Programming in the Student Activities Office

"My first job after graduation was as a social worker in a homeless shelter. The first day that I sat at my desk and spoke with one of the homeless citizens, without even thinking about it, I began analyzing their behaviors and personality types. Erikson's Developmental Stages flashed through my head when I realized that one client never got through the trust verses mistrust or another who never obtained autonomy. Now, four years out as I begin graduate school and I work with undergraduate students, those same theories come flashing through my head again as I look for ways to help them develop into student leaders."

Stephenie Chaudoir

Stephenie R. Chaudoir, M.A., Class of 2003
5th-year graduate student, Ph.D. Social Psychology program
University of Connecticut

"My coursework in the psychology department at Butler gave me a solid conceptual background in a variety of domains of psychology, and the research experience I gained by working with various faculty members helped me apply course concepts in a real way. Compared to the undergraduate experiences of many of my colleagues in graduate school, Butler was unique in that it gave me ample experience in scientific writing and statistics--skills that have definitely helped me since leaving Butler."

Deepthi Prakash

Deepthi Prakash, Class of 2002
Partner, Strategic Planning Director
Ogilvy New York
New York, NY

"Butler not only prepared me for success in graduate school, it laid the foundation for success in my professional life as well. The psych department in particular created a warm and supportive atmosphere that celebrated critical thinking and intellectual debate. Combined with the individual attention I received from professors, Butler helped me develop the confidence, critical analysis and communication skills that I rely on today. Overall, the caliber of the teaching faculty, the opportunities to engage in primary research, the exposure to industry conferences and leading thinkers in the field, is head and shoulders above other undergraduate departments and rivals that of the best graduate psychology departments."

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