Office of the Provost

Core Curriculum

At Butler University, we think it's vital that our students gain both depth and breadth of knowledge and experience on their way to becoming a liberally-educated person. In our Core, we champion pedagogies that reflect the ideals, goals and practices of liberal education. We believe that how we engage students in Core courses is, in the long run, as critical as what we teach our students. We know that cultural diversity is a key component of our world, and so in our Core, we ask our students to think about themselves as members of both this community and the world. We hope that our graduates, through their work in the Core and in their major fields of study, develop the capacity for clear, effective, and critical communication, and come to appreciate beauty. We believe, finally, that one of the most valuable features of our Core education is to instill in our students both the capacity and the desire to continue learning, so that they can be at the core of our changing world.

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