Office of the Provost

Academic Initiatives

At Butler University we are committed to providing intellectual, cultural, athletic, and artistic opportunities and leadership in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas.

Academic Examples:

Butler Business Consulting Group
Developed through the generosity of the Lilly Endowment, the Accelerator represents an exciting stage in the evolution of the College of Business. As the outgrowth of the college's real life, real business defining theme and principle, the Accelerator is committed to providing students with opportunities to not only learn about business, but to experience business first-hand. Click here to learn more.

COE partnership with the Indianapolis Public Schools
With the College of Education in the lead, Butler University has built a vibrant partnership with the Indianapolis Public Schools, leading to the creation of the Shortridge Magnet High School for Law and Public Policy (2009) and a new Indianapolis Public Schools/Butler University Laboratory School (2011). An Early College Program serves as the centerpiece in Butler's growing programming with Shortridge. The lab school, a Reggio-inspired magnet program for elementary students, is one of a handful of such schools in the country. Click here to learn more.

Center for Urban Ecology
For our purposes, urban ecology comprises both the traditional ecological understanding of the interactions between and among organisms and their urban environment as well as a systems ecology perspective where the city itself is viewed as an ecosystem. These definitions refer to the ecology "in" and the ecology "of " cities, respectively. We recognize the importance and complexity that humans bring to the system. This recognition leads to us to be highly interdisciplinary in the way we approach the subject of urban ecology. Click here to learn more.

Public Health outreach
Continuing its efforts to develop public health-related programs and outreach activities across the state, pharmacy students in Butler University's College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences (COPHS) have partnered with Indiana University students from the schools of medicine, dentistry and public health to develop a student-run clinic housed in Neighborhood Fellowship Church located on Indianapolis' eastside. Click here to learn more.

Butler Community Arts School
The Butler Community Arts School, an initiative of the Jordan College of Fine Arts, opened its doors to the community in September 2002. BCAS is an arts education and outreach program that provides instruction in specific performing arts disciplines to all ages and abilities. Instruction is provided by carefully selected and trained Butler students ("Teaching Fellows"). Faculty offer mentoring, guidance and administrative support. This program has the dual mission of providing quality arts instruction at an affordable price while also developing community involvement and civic-mindedness in university students. Click here to learn more.