Office of the Provost

About our Faculty

Butler University faculty are committed to academic excellence; they offer students a challenging and supportive education; they practice service to the campus and in the world; and they cultivate an intellectual and social community. To assist them, the faculty development program supports faculty in achieving their own potential as scholars, researchers, and creative artists; assists in their development as teachers; and supports a faculty member's development as a thoughtful participant and leader in the Butler community. Responsive to the professional needs and interests of each faculty member in all stages of an academic career, the faculty development program includes support for teaching initiatives and faculty research, scholarship, and creativity, and provides on-campus opportunities for focused conversation on the teacher-scholar model, pedagogy, assessment of student learning, and collaboration among colleagues.

Butler Faculty:

  • Aspire first to be effective teachers.
  • Seek and state the truth as you see it by developing and improving scholarly and creative competencies.
  • Encourage the free pursuit of learning by students.
  • Are an engaged and respectful community of scholars.
  • Engage in meaningful professional and community services, always mindful of their obligation to promote conditions of free inquiry.
  • Integrate teaching, scholarship and service in ways that connect Butler and Indianapolis for mutual benefit.
  • Follow a mentoring model that encourages students to make informed, rational and ethical choices.
  • Understand how our authority and power as a member of the faculty can help promote student learning and enhance the community.