Center for High Achievement & Scholarly Engagement
Pre-Graduate and Pre-Professional Advising

Butler's Pre-Med Society

Butler University's Premedical Society is a great resource for students who hope to attend medical school after Butler. We will be providing speakers from various specialties within medicine who will talk about their experiences in their field, medical school, and undergraduate studies. There are also many different opportunities given to students through our exclusive partnerships. We have a partnership with both St. Vincent Hospital for volunteering experience in different departments in various branches of the hospital and with Kaplan, who will provide resources to help students prepare for the MCAT.

Current Officers, 2014-2015

President -Carah Austin

Vice President - Jordan Hochstetler

Community Service Chairs - Brian Gerhadt

Speakers Chair -  Olivia Crowe and Lili O'Donnell


Volunteer Opportunities

St. Vincent Hospital

We have a partnership with St. Vincent Hospital where our members are given extraordinary volunteer opportunities. Scott VanHoogstraat, the Volunteer Supervisor for the hospital, works with our group closely to ensure Premedical students are placed in departments where they can not only help nurses, patients, and doctors, but also gain an understanding of the various roles of each person in the hospital. This experience will allows students to see what their future will be like if they become a physician.

Read more about the St. Vincent Volunteer Services here.


Throughout the year, the Premedical Society will be hosting physicians from various fields of medicine. These physicians will come and talk to students about their area of expertise and what their experiences were as both a Premedical and a Medical student. They will also take questions from members of the group about any aspect of practicing medicine or what it takes to become a physician. It also provides opportunities for networking with doctors so students can possibly get some shadowing experience.