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Pre-Med at Butler 

While working at Butler to complete your undergraduate degree, you can also build in a pre-health curriculum designed to fulfill the prerequisite coursework and build experience to make you the best possible candidate for a career in the health care industry.

Establishing a career in the medical field is a noble and rewarding goal.  However, if a medical school is going to spend the 4+ years training you, you will need to establish a record in your undergraduate education of academic excellence and compassionate citizenship.  It is not enough to be super smart and ace all of your classes; you'll need to show that your compassion and concern for your fellow citizens is equally as strong.  In addition, you'll need to demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively and in terms others can understand.

Academics: The courses needed to meet the prerequisites for most medical schools are very straight forward. Because of this, it is not too difficult to pair the premed curriculum with any other major on campus. But you must be committed to academic excellence. A strong GPA (3.8 and higher) coupled with an outstanding MCAT score (31 or greater) is an important beginning to your medical school application.  And building a strong academic record begins early in your undergraduate career with sustained performance in ALL classes, engaging and participating fully both inside and outside of the classroom. For every 1 hour in the class, you should be spending 2 hours outside the class learning on your own through reading and homework.

Extra-curricular: Considered by some to be a more difficult aspect of medical school preparation is building your resume to demonstrate your interest and commitment to the field of medicine.  Clinical exposure is a must and so shadowing and volunteerism is an absolute necessity.  In addition, showing that you have the ability to simultaneously perform well academically and play a leadership role in some organization is important.  There is no specific formula for gaining the exposure you'll need in order to build your resume. Just ensure that you pull meaning from any experience and that you are invested in the lives of people and not just checking off a box.  You'll want to become a well-rounded student-scholar-citizen to become the best possible candidate.

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