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Pre-Dental at Butler

Statistics indicate that in western societies, approximately 10% of the population is afraid of the dentist. With statistics like these, to successfully enter the dental profession would require academic ability, manual dexterity, and highly developed people skills.  To that end, preparation for entering dental school should focus on academic success along with development of professional skills.

Academics: The prerequisite courses for entering dental school are somewhat substantial and it can become difficult pairing these necessary courses with every major on campus. Admission requirements vary by school, so consult the ADEA guide to dental schools to ensure you are properly prepared for the application. Typically, students who enter dental school major in a traditional science and often minor in a related non-science field such as business or music (yes, music!!)  However, you must be committed to academic excellence.  A strong GPA (3.7 or higher) coupled with an outstanding DAT score (19 or greater average) is an important beginning to your dental school application.  And building a strong academic record begins early in your undergraduate career with sustained performance in ALL classes, engaging and participating fully both inside and outside of the classroom. For every 1 hour in the class, you should be spending 2 hours outside the class learning on your own through reading and homework.

Extra-curricular: The need for exposure to the field of dentistry is important. You should plan on shadowing and volunteering in ways that build your people skills. Developing and demonstrating your manual dexterity is also an important part of your preparation. Many students participate in art or music classes or take up hobbies which require careful manipulation of hand tools. Whatever you choose, make sure you're continually processing the activity and asking why is this beneficial and how will it help me become a better dentist.

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