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Pre-Graduate and Pre-Professional Advising

Pre-Health FAQs

Is there a "pre-health" major at Butler? ~ Show

No. Students are encouraged to find a major they will enjoy and that will lead them to success. The majority of pre-health students choose to major in biology or chemistry, but students have also been successful in majors such as psychology or anthropology, assuming the required courses for admission to their health-related programs of choice are taken.

Will I have flexibility in scheduling classes? ~ Show

Although there are specific requirements, your advisor will help you piece courses together in a way that is best for you. Students are encouraged to take classes that will make them work hard and enhance their critical thinking skills.

When should I take my standardized exam? ~ Show

Prerequisite courses should be finished by the end of a student's third year. Standardized exams are taken at the end of the third year or beginning of the fourth.