College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Department of Physics and Astronomy

Physics Major Requirements

Requirements for Physics Major

PH 201, 202 Introduction to Analytical Physics I and II
PH 301 Modern Physics
PH 303 Electromagnetic Waves and Optics
PH 311 Experimental Modern Physics
PH 321 Intermediate Classical Mechanics
PH 325 Thermodynamics and Statistical Physics
PH 331 Electromagnetic Theory
PH 421 Quantum Theory I
PH 495 Senior Seminar
PH/AS  Physics Elective*

*Physics majors must also choose one of the following courses as an elective:

AS 301 Modern Astronomical with Laboratory
AS 311 Astrophysics I
PH 315 Mathematical Methods for Physics
PH 351 Analog Electronics I
PH 422 Quantum Theory II
PH 427 General Relativity and Gravity
PH 461 Computational Physics
PH 480 Special Topics

Note that many of the upper-level courses will require MA 106, MA 107, MA 208, and MA 334 (or MA 315 in place of MA 334).  A student who intends to pursue graduate studies in Physics should also consider AS 311, PH 315, PH 422, and/or PH 461.  Butler University requires that students take at least 40 hours of credit at a 300-level or higher to graduate.  All students in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences must complete a foreign language requirement.  For a Bachelor of Science degree a student must take a minimum of 60 hours in the natural sciences and mathematics.

To look at a typical schedule for Physics majors, click on one of the below links.  For those students taking PH 201, 202 during their freshman year, please review the Physics Major Track (PDF).

Requirements for Physics Minor

PH 201, 202 Introduction to Analytical Physics
PH 301 Modern Physics
PH 303 Electromagnetic Modern Physics
PH 311 Experimental Modern Physics
PH 321 Intermediate Classical Mechanics I