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Department of Physics and Astronomy

Department Overview

As you contemplate which college to attend and major you'd like to pursue please give serious the consideration to majoring in physics, astronomy and astrophysics, and/or engineering at Butler University. Butler University and the Department of Physics and Astronomy can offer you a hands-on individual experience that will serve you well once you leave the university, whether you're preparing for graduate research in physics or astronomy and astrophysics, to be an applied physicist or engineer in industry, a high school physics teacher, a physician, a patent lawyer, or medical physicist. Our students have gone on to graduate study at places such as the University of California, MIT, Stanford, Cal Tech, Cornell, Cambridge University, and Johns Hopkins to name a few.

Here are several reasons to why you should consider studying physics and astronomy at Butler University:

Even though you may want a major in physics and/or astronomy and astrophysics, later in life you may choose a different career path than physics, astronomy and astrophysics, or engineering. A liberal arts, science education, and problem solving skills you learn in physics are particularly transferable, to law or medicine or many other directions you might choose.

If you are interested in scholarships applications please take a look at our the Admissions website for relevant deadlines. If you have any questions concerning scholarships, financial aid, student employment, or any other questions please email or call us.

Department Head: Dr. Xianming Han