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Physician Assistant Program

Technology Requirements

Butler University Physician Assistant Technology Requirements


Information about costs related to tuition, technology, health center, transfer student, and room and board fees can be found on the Student Accounts website.

Butler University requires all students to have health insurance. For those currently without insurance, information about the costs of available policies can be found at Student Insurance

Visit the Bookstore for information about book costs. 

The travel cost estimate for the rotational component of the program is $2,782 ($10.70 per day and 260 workdays per year). This estimate is based on the following assumptions:

  • Two hour total daily commute time.
  • An average speed during commute of 40 miles per hour.
  • An average passenger car fuel efficiency of 22.4 mpg (From the Bureau of Transportation Statistics -
  • 2006).
  • Gasoline price at $3 per gallon.

All students must have an acceptable PDA/Cell phone. The cost estimate for this is: $1,250 and is based on the following assumptions: 

  • Cell phone cost of $40-60/month.
  • PDA cost of $350.
  • A two-year subscription for the required PDA software will cost $300.

Finally, students must have a laptop computer and an iPad equipped with appropriate software. Please review the Butler University Physician Assistant Technology Requirements document for more information.