College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Physician Assistant Program

PA Preceptor Orientation

Preceptors for the physician assistant program should be members in good standing of a hospital medical physician staff. Physician assistant or nurse practitioner preceptors should have similar credentials and be employed by a physician.

What is the curriculum of the PA Program at Butler? ~ Show Answer

Please click on the following link to find PA curriculum.

PA Curriculum

What sort of skills will I be asked to develop in my students? ~ Show Answer

The general skill set is outlined on the form entitled Rotation Objectives. The types of procedures for which PAs may typically be trained are outlined on the form entitled Procedure Tracking.

Rotation Objectives and Procedures List (PDF)

What are my responsibilities as a preceptor? ~ Show Answer

Preceptor responsibilities can be reviewed below. Forms used by the program to evaluate student performance will be forwarded to you as students are assigned. Prompt completion and return of these forms to the program is critical, and your cooperation is appreciated!

  1. Provide the student with a structurally sound and safe facility in which to work. (This implies that the facility meets or exceeds all requirements of local building codes and is generally deemed habitable.)
  2. Provide the students with a facility that endorses the general requirements of Standard Precautions and in which health care personnel practice in accordance with generally acceptable standards regarding the handling of sharp objects (blades, needles, etc.) and potentially infectious materials.
  3. Practice in accordance with the AMA's Code of Medical Ethics (and/or another professional ethical code in alignment with the preceptor's profession) and meet or exceed legal requirements for the practice of medicine in the state of Indiana.
  4. Provide opportunities for the PA Program Clinical Coordinator (or designated representative) to make scheduled, on-site inspections.
  5. Abide by the rules and regulations of Butler University and the Office of the Clinical Coordinator, including but not limited to:
    • Providing a timely written evaluation of the student using the evaluation forms provided by the program.
    • Providing the student with appropriate supervision and never allowing a student to perform or order any intervention on, or provide any disposition for, a patient before staffing the patient.
    • Never requiring students to perform clerical, administrative or personal work for you or your facility or using students to substitute for regular clinical or administrative staff. Note, participation in clerical, administrative, and/or clinical activities may be required if and only if the primary purpose of the participation is to facilitate the educational process.
    • Providing the student with access to the range of patient diversity and variety available in your practice, including operating room experiences for surgical practices.

What are the benefits associated with being a preceptor? ~ Show Answer

As a consequence of the faculty appointment, you are eligible to receive a variety of "courtesy benefits" as listed below. Please call the numbers listed for specific instructions on claiming these benefits.

  • Use of university libraries (940-9235).
  • Campus 1-day guest parking passes, contact PA Faculty office (940-6192).
  • Ticket discounts to several events at Clowes Hall (940-6444 - Hrs.10am-5pm).
  • 10% discount at Butler Bookstore (940-9228). You will need a Butler ID card from the vehicle registration department to claim this discount. To acquire a Butler ID, please complete the "BU Affiliate ID Form" and return the form to the PA offices. We will contact you with your Butler "Peoplesoft" ID#, within 3-5 days. You need this number (and a valid ID) to obtain a picture ID card at the office of vehicle registration. This office is open from 8:30am-4:00pm weekdays. Please phone 940-9243 to confirm availability and receive directions.
  • Category II CME (if eligible) up to a maximum of 20 hours/month. These credits are "learner verifiable", which means there will be no documentation forwarded from the program attesting to the awarding of these credits. You, as the awardee, must simply keep a personal record of the credits obtained).
  • Instructional mentoring.

Physician Assistant Experiential Rotations

Current Listings

AP 540 Family Practice Rotation
AP 541 Internal Medicine Rotation
AP 542 Pediatric Rotation
AP 543 Community Mental Health Rotation
AP 544 Obstetrics/Gynecology Rotation
AP 545 Emergency Medicine Rotation
AP 546 General Surgery Rotation
AP 533 General Elective Rotation

*denotes direct patient care rotation
**denotes either direct patient care or non patient care rotation, depending on assigned site

If you would like to apply to precept Butler physician assistant students, please contact Jennifer Guthrie, PA-C at 940-9639 and