College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Physician Assistant Program

Physician Assistant Mission Statement and History

PA Program Mission Statement

To develop citizens with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and commitment necessary to enter the practice of medicine as physician assistants and assume responsibility, with physician supervision, for the primary health care needs of their patients.

PA Program History

In the early 1990s, the report of the Indiana Health Care Commission noted that many areas of Indiana were medically underserved. During this same period, Methodist Hospital expanded its mission of "curing disease and rescuing from disaster" to include "delivering primary care services" and the Butler University College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences recognized an educational void in Indiana. The creation of a physician assistant program, co-sponsored by Methodist Hospital and Butler University, was recognized as a way to address all of these issues and program development commenced in 1992.

The PA program admitted its first professional phase class of nine students in January 1995 and this class graduated in August 1996 with a BS in Health Sciences. Today, the PA program is operated solely by Butler University and administers all aspects of didactic training on Butler University's campus. Students now complete a three-year professional phase of training in classes of about 50 students each. Graduates are awarded a Master of Physician Assistant Studies degree.