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General sites are listed first, and then more specific entries follow alphabetically. Where there is more than one entry for a topic, these are grouped together (e.g., Bible).

Center For Faith and Vocation

Academic Info Religion

Facets of Religion: WWW Virtual Library

Religious Worlds - G. Thursby.

Virtual Religion Index - M. Smith.

Sects in the City (Religious Life in Indianapolis)

Resource Pages For Biblical Study - Including extracanonical texts, social setting, etc.

Bible (RSV, KVJ) & Koran - Searchable; RSV includes Apocrypha.

Bible: ABZU: Ancient Near East on WWW

Review of Biblical Literature - Online review of scholarly books in Biblical Studies by the major American professional society in the discipline.

Buddhist Studies WWW Virtual Library

Zen Buddhism WWW Virtual Library

Christianity: New Advent Catholic Website - Links to many Roman Catholic sites including the in progress transferal of the 1913 The Catholic Encyclopedia to the web.

Global Hindu Electronic Network

Islamic Studies Islam Arabic Religion - Alan Godlas.

Islam: List of Sufi-related resources on the Internet - Unannotated.


Judaism and Jewish Resources - A. Tannenbaum-1 of best Jewish resources sites.

Middle East North Africa Internet Resource Guide - Focus on but not limited to Islamic Middle East-J. Roberts.

Mysticism Resources - G. Thursby.

Myths and Legends - C. Siren.

Ontario Consultants on Religious Tolerance - Includes new and marginal religious movements.

Scripture: Internet Sacred Text Archive.

Sikhism Home Page - Slow loading due to plug-in.

Taoism Information Page - WWW Virtual Library.

USA: American Religious Experience

USA: Pluralism Project - Diana Eck-updates & various supplements religion to the multi-year study of religious communities in the USA (not including Judaism & Christianity). The basic project publication is the CD, On Common Ground.

WICCA: CoGWeb - Covenant of Goddess

WSS Women and Theology - Really women & religion.

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