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The Philosophy Club

Butler University's Philosophy Club is a student-run organization meant to encourage philosophical discussion outside the classroom and to reflect the genuine interest of our Philosophy majors and minors (as well as of many other members of the Butler community) in a wide range of philosophical problems. There are roughly three meetings every semester and discussion is held in a generally lively and informal atmosphere.

Our meetings have focused on topics as diverse as justice understood as fairness, Buddhism - between philosophy and religion, philosophy as a lifestyle, and the nature of political freedom. Occasionally the Philosophy Club holds its meetings jointly with similar organizations (e.g. when focusing on debates about political theories or religious issues) or cosponsors talks given by various philosophers.

Renato SM

Renato Puga, 2013-2014 Top Butler Male Student, is the Philosophy Club President for 2014-2015. Dr. Stuart Glennan is the faculty advisor of the Philosophy Club,

Some of our recent meetings were devoted to discussing philosophical aspects of parenthood, the aesthetics of jokes, the ethical implications of the Occupy movement, the(im)possibility of amoralism etc. Announcements about the Club's meetings are posted online on the Butler Connection and in other physical and virtual venues. Students are encouraged to suggest topics for the upcoming meetings of the club. 

For more information, contact Molly Martz (, Administrative Specialist in the Department of Philosophy and Religion, or the Department Head, Chad Bauman (

The next Philosophy Club Meeting

Wednesday, January 21st @ 12:00pm in Jordan Hall 201

Republicans, Democrats and Human Nature

Sometimes politicians attribute their many disagreements to "philosophical differences", but what are these?  Many of them come down to differing views about human nature, views whose origins can be traced to sources in antiquity and the Enlightenment.

Come join the philosophy club for a discussion of the philosophy behind the politics.  We'll discuss how the ways that different philosophers have thought about human nature and society may explain the deep divides on practical political issues like healthcare, immigration and law enforcement.

Renato Puga