College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Philosophy and Religion

Robert Warren graduated as a philosophy major in May 2011 and was selected for "Teach for America."


"No amount of thought experiments or logical analyses will prepare you for the first time you set foot in front of 25 inner city New Orleans students, but preparation in how to critically assess a situation and respond to it will prove invaluable. My name is Robert Warren and I am currently teaching 9th grade English at L.B. Landry High School in New Orleans through a program called Teach for America. I spend my days in a world very unlike the halls of Jordan or the tables in Atherton, most of my students read 2 or more years below grade level, all live below the poverty line, and fights, gangs and drugs are more the rule than the exception."


"My study of philosophy at Butler prepared me for the challenges I now face by teaching me to critically consider people and events without pretense or bias. The ability to listen without judgment and to problem solve without prejudice has allowed me to gain the trust of my students in a way that transcends race and socioeconomics. Every day my goal is to leave my students with something worthwhile floating around in their heads, and the words of Plato, Epictetus and even Nietzsche, have found their way into my lessons. I am only able to pour out my passion for critical thinking because I was surrounded by great students and faculty who pushed me during my own time at Butler. So as I move forward in planning lessons and getting to know my students, I sincerely hope that I can spark in them the same fire of intellectual curiosity that took flame in me during my time at Butler."

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Philosophy majors Caleb Hamann (left) and Robert Warren (middle) responding to the announcement of Jim Danko as the new president of Butler University.