College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Philosophy and Religion

Peter Soldato graduated in May 2010 with a double major in philosophy and religion.



Since attending Butler, I have been attending University of Chicago Law School.  I am about to start my second year of law school.  This past summer, I worked for Elkhart Legal Aid Services, a clinic which provides free legal aid to low-income persons in need of representation.  I hope to continue this sort of work after graduation.     

I value my philosophy degree because of its comprehensive nature -- my philosophy major gave me the ability to ponder the most important philosophical issues of many different disciplines.  Science, aesthetics, logic, morality, religion, and political science were all explored - sometimes all in the same semester!  I think that this breadth of learning made me a well-rounded individual, capable of understanding some important issues in many different areas.    

Also, I value the time I spent pondering philosophical issues --  many students never have a chance to consider these sorts of questions, and it is an unfortunate fact of life that most people don't have time to think about philosophical issues once they have entered the "real world."  The time I spent reading the works of great thinkers, both religious and secular, led me to reflect on my own life and form my own set of values.   It is this reflection that led me to pursue a non-traditional path in law - while working at a non-profit law firm certainly does not maximize my earning capability, it is consistent with my core beliefs and so makes me more happy than any paycheck ever could. 

I enjoyed studying philosophy at Butler in particular because of the smaller class sizes and approachable professors.  Professors were happy to talk before or after class, and they were always available for longer meetings during office hours.  It was during these personal discussions that I was able to work through tough material, and I know many other philosophy students took advantage of these meetings in much the same way.  

I especially enjoyed being able to work on my honors thesis with Prof. Glennan.  Working with him week after week for almost a year really gave me a great insight into the creation of a scholarly work.  Prof. Glennan always went out of his way to help me, even when it seemed that I would never make it past deciding on a thesis topic!  I really value the experience of being able to feel like a philosopher - even a novice, struggling philosopher - for a short period.