College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Philosophy and Religion

Kristen Kenley graduated in May 2011 and was admitted to Phi Beta Kappa honors society.


Kenley            Having recently graduated Butler in May 2011, I feel that my degree in Philosophy has better prepared me for my future career plans. I am currently taking a gap-year in which I am performing government work in downtown Indianapolis and will be attending law school at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill School of Law in August 2012. 

            I recommend studying Philosophy at Butler for two major reasons. First, I thoroughly enjoyed the reading, discussions, and assignments I received from the different courses. Philosophy courses delve into thought-provoking and controversial topics, and the class discussions are usually just as stimulating. I can honestly say that I possess an entirely different, more insightful view on topics such as religion, politics, women's rights, the mind/body relation, etc. If nothing else, philosophy provided me with knowledge about my view on topics that most people never even explore.

            Secondly, philosophy thoroughly prepared me for my career aspirations of becoming an attorney. As a philosophy major at Butler, I learned to read analytically, write arguments, and defend a position in debates. All of these skills will be crucial both in law school and afterwards. Because philosophy courses provided me with self-insight and prepared me for my career as an attorney, I whole-heartedly believe it was one of my best, most enjoyable decisions as a student atButler.